Children's Wildlife Inspirations

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Children’s Wildlife Inspirations are a series of three different books. The stories are about three different wildlife species.

Murtle the Sea Turtle is about a young Sea turtle who has many friends. She is always helpful and caring. I hope this story inspires young readers to always be helpful to others. It teaches the importance of good friendships.     Lulu the Elephant is about a young boy elephant who wants to learn how to play basketball. When the older elephants don’t accept him, he is determined to teach himself. He never gives up and becomes a great player who then teaches others. I hope Lulu inspires young readers to shoot for their dreams and never give up. Learning is a part of child development and builds self-confidence. Birdie fly Free is about a young girl and her favorite bird in her yard. She develops a love and friendship with this bird as he is loyal and visits her often. I hope this story inspires children to socialize and make great friendships throughout life. It helps children learn how to respect wildlife and others, and to be a loyal friend and family member. All three stories are targeted for ages zero to five years old. Reading enhances vocabulary, helps with their imagination, and encourages pretend play. All are important for proper child development. These three books are dedicated to my two-year-old daughter, Bella Kai.