About Us - Iltopia Studios

Welcome to Iltopia Studios, a Black-owned creative studio based in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to create comics and cartoons that open doors to more understanding, and we are dedicated to producing high-quality, engaging content for our customers at a variety of price points.

Founded by creator Steven Christian, Iltopia Studios is all about making quirky adventure stories about the Black experience in America that entertain, empower, and educate. We use emerging technology to create unique and immersive storytelling experiences, and all profits made from sales go towards Steven's medical school education and the community facing Science, Technology, and Arts Education work he does for underserved communities negatively impacted by COVID.

image of Steven Christian the founder of Iltopia Studios headshot and creative photograph

Steven Christian is a creator, writer, and animator based in Reno, Nevada. He has a background in sports and earned a Master of Arts from Oregon State, where he focused on visual representation of social justice issues through animation and illustration. Steven is passionate about using his skills to give back to his community and works with various non-profit organizations and as a teaching artist and mentor. 

Steven's work includes the Eyelnd Feevr augmented reality immersive storytelling experience, the Analog-AR augmented reality headset (patent pending), the Doodlyfe art and tech learning platform, and consulting for Creative Core: Animation and Augmented Reality on Unity Learn. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal Future of Everything Festival, Unity for Humanities, Unity Learn, and the Augmented World Expo. He is also an MD/PhD candidate in integrative neuroscience at the University of Nevada Reno, a Unity Certified Instructor, a Unity Certified 3D Artist, and an AR/VR instructor at Portland Community College. Steven offers consulting services in the areas of augmented reality, virtual reality, and XR project development, and is skilled at exploring the intersections of art, technology, and project development.

We are excited to share our comics and cartoons with you and hope they will entertain, educate, and empower you. Thank you for visiting Iltopia Studios!

Signature, Steven Christian, Creator of Iltopia Studios.