Eyelnd Feevr: The Immersive Storytelling Experience

Adventures in Iltopia: Eyelnd Feevr is a fully immersive storytelling experience that follow Roscoe and his friends as they traverse the world of Iltopia in search of everlasting memories. The experience incorporates Augmented Reality, Webcomics, Graphic Novels, and Animated Shorts to take the journey from the pages, to the screen, to the real world! Experience this revolutionary adventure by collecting it all!

You Can Pre-Order Eyelnd Feevr and the rest of the Adventures in Iltopia Collection Below.

Storytelling: Original, Innovative, & Immersive!

Eyelnd Feevr Augmented Reality has been featured on a variety of platforms for its innovative approach to storytelling using the latest technology on the market.

Unity For humanity Changemakers Showcase

Unity Technologies Blog

Black Realities Grant

Wacom x Creative Mornings: Imagination Project


It is the epitome of innovation at your fingertips. What if you could play with the character in the book in the real world? What if you can make them dance? What if you can watch their favorite TV shows with them? You can do all that with Eyelnd Feevr AR! I have been working with a variety of talented individuals and companies to bring this vision to life for years. 

Super Emo Eyelnders by JSalvador (Super Emo Friends)

When the pandemic hit, I was finally able to focus my energy on how to make this even more epic! I took the concepts I had, added 2D/3D animation, interactivity, and emerging technology to make it more immersive. The best part about is that you can experience it all without breaking the bank!

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