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Iltopia Studios

Cutie Sticker Booster Pack

Cutie Sticker Booster Pack

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Do you remember the sheer exhilaration of opening a new booster pack, the air thick with suspense over which cards lay hidden inside? Steven Christian has masterfully rekindled that very emotion, whisking you back to those golden moments, but this time, with a contemporary and artistic twist.

Introducing our captivating sticker booster packs, teeming with over 80 ingeniously crafted stickers, each beaming with its own distinct flair and idiosyncratic charm. Every sticker is a generous 3-4" in size, making them perfect for adding a statement to any item, from laptops to notebooks.

But here’s where the magic truly lies: each pack unfurls an assorted surprise, presenting you with 8 different stickers. Drawing deep inspiration from the iconic Pokémon card booster packs, our collection dares you to test your luck, challenge your collecting spirit, and dive headfirst into the quest of gathering them all.

Steven, in the midst of his medical school journey, pours heart and soul into these mini masterpieces. They're not just stickers; they’re tokens of nostalgia, fragments of tales, memories captured in adhesive form.

So, gear up for a sticker-collecting adventure unlike any other! With every rip of a pack, a chapter of wonder awaits. The challenge stands: Can you collect every single one?

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