Eyelnd Feevr Augmented Reality Promo Launch
Eyelnd Feevr Augmented Reality Promo Launch

Eyelnd Feevr Augmented Reality Promo Launch


Introducing the Immersive Storytelling Experience: A Partnership with Unity Technologies

Dive into a new dimension of storytelling this holiday season. We've teamed up with Unity Technologies to bring immersive tales right to the palm of your hand. Our goal is to get 1,000 books and headsets into people's hands! Yes, that is ambitious, but I believe it is achievable. While high-end devices such as the Meta Quest 3 offer their brand of augmented reality, the beauty of our initiative lies in its accessibility. Why invest hundreds when your latest iPhone or Samsung device can harness its high-end capabilities to bring stories to life?

Dispel the myth that mobile augmented reality is obsolete. Instead, be a part of this innovative journey, and share your experience. Gift it, review it, and showcase your love for it through videos. Help us usher in a new era of AR experiences!

Celebrating the Launch of Eyelnd Feevr Augmented Reality: Our initiative isn't just about selling a product; it's about building a community around a shared love for AR. We're seeking feedback and exposure, keen to understand how you interact with and enjoy the offerings. From toys to books, apps to stickers, we believe there's something for everyone in our carefully curated package.

Special Offers: Choose from 10 distinct items below:

  • Augmented items: Analog AR Augmented Reality Headset, Eyelnd Feevr Season 6 AR graphic novel, Spicy Pickles AR Plushy, Sticker booster pack, Super Emo AR print pack, Nimbus AR Plushy, Flying Circus AR T-shirt. and Cutie Cube AR Puzzle Cube.
  • Free items: Every purchase includes two AR bookmarks, an AR postcard, two AR stickers, and an 8-page AR comic.

Join the Journey: In return for exploring our project, we urge you to share your thoughts. through a blog, vlog, Instagram, TikTok post, or video review, your insights are crucial. And when you share, remember to tag @iltopia and @stuckonaneyelnd on your social media post, so we can engage with your experiences directly! As a medical student passionately bootstrapping this endeavor, understand that every bit of support means the world. Your voice, combined with our offerings, can inspire countless others in this vibrant community.

Enjoy the experience, and may it surpass all expectations!

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