Eyelnd Feevr Season 1: Big City, Small Dreemz

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Big City, Small Dreemz is the first Season in the Eyelnd Feevr Webseries. It introduces us to Roscoe Thomason an intelligent, precocious and rebellious 9-year-old. He explores one of his wildest dreams with his best friend Thomas "T.J." Jenkins. As they try to find the true meaning, one must wonder if this is figment of Roscoe's wild imagination or a foreshadowing of what is to come.

Collects Eyelnd Feevr Chapter 1 - 3 and A Moment in Iltopia.

All books are handmade by creator Steven Christian in Portland, Oregon. They are signed and come with an exclusive sticker pack of handmade stickers also made by Steven Christian.