Eyelnd Feevr Season 2: Crash Projekt

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Crash Projekt is the  second Season in the Eyelnd Feevr Webseries.  Our main character Roscoe runs into his usual antics that leads him to try to escape a messy situation. When he has the opportunity to go down the straight and narrow, he decides to carve his own path. That leads him to a situation where he must stand up for what is right. This decision ends up having unintended consequences as something unforeseen is revealed.

In Season 2, Roscoe explores the question: Who polices the police? Eyelnd Feevr explores the world of Iltopia through Roscoe Thomason's eyes as he navigates the dangerous landscape in search of his dreams. During that search, Roscoe finds officers bullying someone in need. 

Collects Eyelnd Feevr Chapter 4 - 11.