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Eyelnd Feevr Season 3: Skool Daze

Eyelnd Feevr Season 3: Skool Daze

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Skool Daze is the third Season in the Eyelnd Feevr Webseries. It follows the adventures of Roscoe Thomason an intelligent, precocious and rebellious 9-year-old. All he wants is someone to believe in his dreams as much as he does, in a world that doesn't. When a day of hooky goes left, it's going to take Roscoe's ingenuity and a little help from some friends to outsmart the pigs. Our main character Roscoe ends up unintentionally unleashed something upon the city that was meant to stay hidden. As expected, Roscoe's actions don't make it any better. As everything seems to subside, Roscoe continues to agitate things until they blow up in everyone's face! At this point, Roscoe isn't the only one caught in the cross fire.

Season 3 collects Chapters 12 - 16 of the Eyelnd Feevr Webseries.

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